Breaking Down The Difference Between Hotel Prices And Airbnb Prices

Ho-tel, mo-tel, Airbnb room? Priceonomics looks at how much you’re really saving when you choose Airbnb over a hotel.

Want to know just how much a stay at an Airbnb property will save you compared to a hotel? Priceonomics has the answer. In general, travelers will save themselves around 21% if they rent an entire Airbnb apartment, and 49% for a single Airbnb room.


There are, however, some cities where a hotel works out cheaper than using the best-known sharing site, such as Austin and Florida.

The stats are pretty exhaustive, showing which cities have the most expensive hotels. In San Francisco, where the sharing economy is the most advanced, Priceonomics has prepared a nifty little breakdown of all the neighborhoods in the city to give you an idea of the most popular parts of town compared with the most expensive.

See all the data here.

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