• 06.17.13

Digg Reader Will Be Available To Everyone June 26

The RSS aggregator comes just as Google Reader limps off stage for good.

On July 1, Google Reader will be shut down for good. Before you panic, know there are alternatives, and soon one of those will be the Digg Reader, rolling out to everyone on June 26.


The social media site made the announcement in a blog post on Monday. The launch will come in phases, the post said, “because, as you might have guessed, RSS aggregation is a hard thing to do at scale, and we want to make sure the experience is as fast and reliable as possible.”

So what will the Digg Reader look like? It will be built to serve what Digg is calling “the power user, the people who depend on the availability, stability, and speed of Reader every day.” Based on user feedback, Digg determined its new product needs to be fast, simple, and make it as easy as possible to migrate existing feeds from Google Reader. The Digg Reader will be a clean viewing experience “that gets out of the way and puts the focus squarely on the articles, posts, images, and videos themselves.” It will come with a mobile app and no doubt be well-stocked with sharing options.

After the initial launch, Digg says it will focus on updates including an Android app, integration with third-party services like Evernote, search, and notifications.

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