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Big Day of Supreme Court Decisions

Today, Arizona voter registration was struck down, and the Court ruled on a drug patent case—same-sex marriage, affirmative action, and voting rights cases will have to wait.

The Supreme Court ruled this morning that the state of Arizona is no longer allowed to require proof of citizenship from someone who wants to register to vote, as it has done since 2004.

It also ruled that an antitrust case can go forward, in which the FTC is taking on pharmaceutical companies. The companies have been paying off competing manufacturers in an attempt to artificially extend the exclusive right to produce drugs after their patents expire. The ruling will most likely end this practice, known as "pay for delay," which is thought to reduce the supply of medicines and increase their prices.

The public will have to wait a few more days—until Thursday at the earliest—for the big Supreme Court decisions coming up on same-sex marriage, Indian tribe adoptions, and affirmative action.