A Million Samsung Phone Owners To Get Jay-Z’s New Album Three Days Early

As part of a promotional push for Jay-Z’s new album, it’s being “released” 3 days early to a number of Samsung smartphone owners.

In an unusual move, Samsung has partnered with Jay-Z under an exclusive deal to promote his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail. Starting July 4, one million Samsung smartphone owners will get to download the album for free, three days ahead of its official release.


The deal revolves around a companion app said to offer an “unprecedented inside look into the album” and “personal stories and inspiration,” and the download deal is only open to the Galaxy S3, S4, and Note 2 devices. Once users have downloaded the app, they’re encouraged to share it with other Galaxy owners via Facebook, Twitter, or Samsung’s own S Beam system.

The promotion is clearly designed to stir up commotion on social media to achieve more sales when the album is officially released on July 7th, but it is certainly clever. Jay-Z also leveraged unusual digital marketing strategies to promote his autobiography. Many musicians are exploring innovative, social tricks to promote new releases, and the explosion of apps and streaming music services demonstrates how swiftly this industry is changing.

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