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#Unplug: The Complete Guide

All week and into next, we're revealing an online guide to going offline—complete with a printable PDF. Are tweets, statuses, pins, pokes, and pixels dominating your life? Start planning your detox here.

#Unplug: The Complete Guide

For the July/August issue of Fast Company magazine, our back-page columnist, How To Be Black author, and comedian Baratunde Thurston pulled the plug on his digital life and shared what he discovered. For a primer on that story and what the idea of #Unplug means for the thought leaders who read Fast Company, read editor-in-chief Robert Safian's editor's letter here. Then read all about how Baratunde unplugged for 25 days and why you should, too. Take our quiz to find out just how bad you've got it. Then come back here to load up your tool belt for an unplugging experience of your own.

You could go cold turkey, but you don't have to.

We've further tapped Baratunde, his Cultivated Wit team, and a whole host of Fast Company expert contributors to develop something like a 12-step program for the pixel-addicted. Every day this week, you'll find new inspiration, actionable steps, tools to help you digitally detox, stay clean, and eventually reconnect with your online, gadget-driven life—but in a healthier, more productive way (you might even be able to start using again ... in moderation). After a few days of coaching about when to log off, how to tell your friends what you're doing, and how to avoid relapses, we'll put everything in a printable PDF so you'll have an analog survival guide on hand when you're tempted to use.

If you've done this before and have advice for others—or if you've never done it, are anxious, and have questions—tweet using the #Unplug hashtag and join the conversation. You'll see your tweets appear alongside each of our stories in real time. Share your wisdom on the Google Doc we're providing here—we'll pull together some ideas from that document and add them to the final guide.

When you're ready to come back, we'll even help you rejoin your online life in a way that won't seem too overwhelming. Are you ready to get clean? Start here.

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