Al Qaeda Distributing Magazine Via Twitter

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula turned to Twitter to distribute the latest issue of its English-language jihadist magazine, Inspire.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) regularly publishes an English-language magazine, Inspire, which is meant to appeal to Western readers. The magazine, which espouses a slick brand of terrorism appropriate to the Reddit age, offers DIY tips on how to carry out terrorist activities and even has jihadist poetry.


According to a new report from translation outfit MEMRI, AQAP used Twitter as a primary distribution method; several Twitter accounts associated with the organization posted links to downloadable versions for readers to retweet and share on alternate platforms.

The magazine, which has just as many readers in intelligence agencies as it does among disaffected 16-year-old terrorist sympathizers, has a regrettable history of being hacked by U.S. intelligence operatives.

[Image: MEMRI]