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The Recommender

The Recommender: Joel Arbaje, Online Photo Editor And King Of Selfies

The three best things Fast Company's online photo editor found on the Internet this week.

  • <p>Day 159</p>
  • <p>Day 2</p>
  • <p>Day 117</p>
  • <p>Day 63</p>
  • <p>Day 26</p>
  • <p>Day 61</p>
  • <p>Day 55</p>
  • <p>Day 109</p>
  • 01 /08

    Day 159

  • 02 /08

    Day 2

  • 03 /08

    Day 117

  • 04 /08

    Day 63

  • 05 /08

    Day 26

  • 06 /08

    Day 61

  • 07 /08

    Day 55

  • 08 /08

    Day 109

Joel, rat tamer and selfie aficionado.

Name: Joel Arbaje
Role at Fast Company: Online Photo Editor
Twitter: dissatk
Titillating fact: Joel originally wanted to be a veterinarian. For a while, he was a Rat Laboratory Technician at Queens College, where he tended to the needs of the tiny rodents. In high school, he was a pet groomer. These days, he's a photographer, illustrator, and designer. For his latest project, Joel is taking a selfie every day for a year, and posting each photo to Instagram.

Things he's loving:

1. Comedy Central's new stand-up app
I'm a huge fan of stand-up comedy, so this is amazing to me. I usually go to the East Village Comedy Club whenever I can to see live bits. I've seen a lot of headliners come and surprise us there. Jim Gaffigan was my favorite surprise, and it was free.

2. NK's new album; Hanni El Khatib's new album
I love music. People come to me all the time for new music suggestions, including some people in the office. These two albums, I believe, are classic pieces that you can play straight through and never encounter a dull moment.

3. The "Final Fantasy XV" trailer
I am not a big gamer, but Final Fantasy is the one series I can always enjoy because of its strategy and story. The 15th installment of Square Enix's "Final Fantasy" game franchise was unveiled this week at the E3 conference. Watching the trailer, I was transformed back into my younger self.

[Image: Flickr user Droid Gingerbread]