Microsoft Office Now Available For iPhone, But With Limitations

Microsoft Office Mobile arrives for iOS, but while the code does let you edit business documents on the move, it requires a subscription to Office 365.

The good news? Microsoft has finally released Office Mobile for iOS.


The bad news? The app requires a subscription to Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud access portal for Office, and there’s no iPad version yet.

Microsoft’s Office suite, a PC-based business productivity software, is used all over the world–although it garners a fair amount of criticism for its design and many other weaknesses. Considering the iPad and iPhone are said to have fueled the arrival of the “post-PC” era, and Microsoft’s own phone and tablet efforts aren’t enormously successful, it’s no surprise Microsoft is now (only grudgingly) acknowledging the growing popularity of iOS devices in business and trying to claw back money via the Office 365 subscription.

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