• 06.14.13

Google Wins Big In Mobile Advertising, Takes Home Half Of Revenues Worldwide

Of the $8.8 billion generated in 2012, Google took home $4.61 billion.

More than half of this year’s mobile advertising revenues are expected to be pocketed by Google, according to eMarketer. The search engine giant, which will take away $4.61 billion of the $8.8 billion generated from mobile Internet search, is dominating the sector ahead of its rival, Facebook.


Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg reckons mobile advertising is as important to brands as TV advertising. Facebook enjoyed a share of around 10% of the market, earning almost half a billion dollars in revenue, while Twitter, with $140 million, has 2% of the market.

Yet it is the projections for 2014 that really stand out: Facebook’s share is expected to quadruple to more than $2 billion in revenue, while Twitter’s will double to around $300 million. Google, however, will take $8.85 billion of a projected $15.2 billion total.

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