What’s The Most Creative Project You’ve Done At Work This Year?

Apparently some people still use beepers. Luckily, there were other reader responses when we asked about jobs you’ve totally crushed in 2013.

What’s The Most Creative Project You’ve Done At Work This Year?

It’s only June, but 2013’s been a busy year.


Only six months in and Pope Francis’s joined Twitter, there’s a new season of Arrested Development, and, perhaps most importantly, you can own a cyborg cockroach.

Last week you told us about your mistakes in job interviews and the best career advice you’ve ever gotten.

Since it’s Monday, we could probably all use a question relating to your accomplishments–let’s envision the future as a positive place!

What’s the most creative project you’ve successfully completed at work so far this year?

Let’s start with the showoffs really amazing projects!

Dear, Mark. We’re all so jealous happy that you had that experience!

Really though, Unreasonable at Sea does some pretty cool things, and we look forward to seeing the documentary. It’s always wise to think big, and broaden your horizons.


Speaking of awesome jobs near the sea . . .

Decades later and Bond is still the king of cool. But remember, it’s more than just the man that makes the 007 brand everlasting. Great job reinventing something timeless, and having a blast while doing it.

One last question: Why weren’t we invited?

This is great. If you’re talking about One Wipe Charlies, well, we’ve covered them. You’ve obviously been working hard and made a point to diversify your projects–something we should all keep in mind.

Can’t help but think you’ve made some conversations awkward, though.

“Hey Jeremy, it’s been so long. How are things?”

“They’re great! The dude-specific wipes that I designed are a best seller!”

Leadership is a muscle, and it sounds like you’ve got these kids off to a great start. Great work, Jenny!


Well, now that the overachievers are out of the way. . .

This was a shock. We double-checked and the question didn’t say 1994. There’s only two explanations for using a beeper in 2013: either it’s taken you 20 years to master a simple piece of technology, or you’re fighting crime.

Good job, fella. Just don’t forget those cover sheets!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some inspiration check out our Most Creative People of 2013–there’s plenty to go around.

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