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U.S., Europe: Syria Used Chemical Weapons On Rebels

The United States and European Union have jointly confirmed that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in the ongoing civil war, crossing a "Red Line." The U.S. is proposing a no-fly zone inside Syria.

The Syrian "Red Line" has apparently been crossed.

This afternoon, the New York Times reported that European Union and United States officials concluded Syria has used chemical weapons against its rebels. Confirmed use of chemical weapons would constitute a crossing of the "Red Line" that President Obama set for military intervention in the ongoing Syria conflict.

Shortly after the announcement, the U.S. gave details of a proposed no-fly zone within Syria. According to the Wall Street Journal's Julian E. Barnes and Adam Entous, U.S. military aircraft will use Jordanian air force bases to enforce a "limited no-fly zone" stretching 25 miles into neighboring Syria. The United States, under the plan, will also arm the disorganized and ideologically diverse Syrian rebels.