What’s The Best Career Advice You Ever Got?

What’s The Best Career Advice You Ever Got?

Yesterday, with delight, you shared with us your worst interview mistakes (and those you’ve witnessed).


Boy, were you guys excited! We promise to never cry (or show up drunk) at our next interview.

That went so well, we decided to give it another shot. For today’s question, though, we took a more positive approach:

What’s the best career advice anyone ever gave you?

Pretty straightforward, we thought. But of course, as with any public forum, your responses were . . . colorful. Below are some of your most memorable replies.

Let’s get to the good (actually, really good) ones first.

This is great advice. We’re all just people, after all. The person who takes out the trash and mows the lawn is just as essential a part of the organization as you are.

(Note: Do not–DO NOT–search YouTube for “respect the cleaning lady,” like we did.)

Your career (and the workplace) is always better with a dose of Confucius wisdom.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be a soulless automaton, but too much emotion in the boardroom (like, say, crying during an interview) can lead to some questionable decisions. Right? Yes. Maybe not. Okay, maybe we’re a little conflicted on this one. It’s all about the balance.

Then things got fun.


For the purposes of this article, this term also found its way to a good ol’ Google search. The results were a huge relief: Batman! Exhale.

Richard, you are fearless.

While we all hope to retire someday, perhaps it’s not great to get that ahead of ourselves.

Finally, one small observation: Why do so many people have dogs as their profile pictures?

Did they get the idea as career advice?

[Image: Flickr user TJ Morales]