TV Startup Boxee Pitching Itself To Investors

The web TV startup wants a big investment round, or a buyer.

Over the years, the web TV startup Boxee has morphed from desktop open-source media-streaming software, to a set-top box, and then added a tuner to capture regular broadcast stations as well.


Now, according to AllThingsD, the company is looking for either a large strategic investment that falls in the $30 million range, or an exit–potentially marketing itself as a technology solution for one of the very cable or satellite companies it was positioned to disrupt. (Rival Roku, one of our Most Innovative Companies, recently raised $60 million.)

Quoted last year in Fast Company, CEO Avner Ronen, billed The Reformed Cord-Cutter, was already building bridges. “When we started, we weren’t as intimately familiar with how this industry worked. Just telling people, ‘Yeah, you should go ahead and cut the cord’ without being able to watch the Olympics or the American Idol finale doesn’t work . . . We have to make sure the incumbents understand: We are not trying to destroy their business.”

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