• 06.12.13

5 Leadership Lessons From The Fast Company Twitter Bots

Several Fast Company staffers recently met their Twitter bot alter-egos. We mined their feeds to see what our surprisingly sage counterparts had to say about leadership, success, and, ironically, how to deal with information overload.

5 Leadership Lessons From The Fast Company Twitter Bots

Several of us at Fast Company recently came face-to-face with our Twitter bot alter-egos. So of course we mined “our” feeds to see what our sage-like (if spammy) counterparts had to say. Here are five hidden gems of advice from our virtual impersonators about being a good leader, achieving success, and, ironically, dealing with information overload.


Fast Company‘s Online Editorial Director Tyler Gray knows the most successful people get quality sleep to jumpstart their mornings:

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a relentless deluge of texts, push notifications, tweets, pings, and dings? I feel that way, too. Sometimes, we can all use a break from information overload. Here’s how.

Anyone can be a leader–just ask Co.Create editor Teressa Iezzi.

If you’re a ’round-the-clock worker like Fast Company publisher Christine Osekoski, unplugging while on vacation can seem borderline impossible. If you absolutely must give in, here are three tips for working smarter when you’re away.


Who says we don’t sleep enough? Certainly not Jennifer Vilaga, Fast Company‘s deputy managing editor:

P.S.: Here are our real Twitter handles:

Tyler Gray: @tgraydar

Christina Chaey: @christinachaey

Christine Osekoski: @cosekoski


Teressa Iezzi: @tiezzi

Jennifer Vilaga: @jennifervilaga

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