The “Squiggle” Approach To Finding A Happy, Fulfilling Career Path

The era of the linear work life is over. Here Mitch Joel, author and president of the digital marketing agency Twist Image, discusses what is replacing it–and how it can work for you.

Every business professional struggles at some point with change.


It’s one of the trickiest decisions: trying to determine when it is the right time to take small steps in a new direction or the right moment to take one massive leap.

In Mitch Joel’s latest book, Ctrl Alt Delete, the well-known new media expert (follow him @mitchjoel), and president of digital marketing agency Twist Image, introduces a new concept: the “squiggle.”

What’s that? As we discuss in this episode of Dialed, most of us will no longer have a linear career path. In today’s new economy, he explains, embracing this change is the only way to survive–or you could soon be out of a job. Joel also shares how one Google executive he met during his business travels taught him the importance of the “blend,” the idea that in order to have work-life balance, sometimes you need to create a fluid schedule that makes room for it all.

Joel has his own interpretation of this balance philosophy that he uses to manage his busy life at work and at home, and he claims it’s as solid as a three-legged stool.

About the author

Amber Mac is a bestselling author, TV host, speaker, and strategist. She has worked as a technology TV host with tech guru Leo Laporte on G4TechTV and currently co-hosts a popular show on Laporte's network.