Apple Gives Boost To Twitter #Music Via iTunes Radio Station

Twitter’s #Music service has disappeared from the limelight since its launch, but that may change now that Apple is including it in the new iTunes Radio streaming music system.

Since its initial launch, Twitter’s #Music service has gone pretty much unreported. But Apple just revealed its new iTunes Radio music streaming service and says it will feature trending tracks from #Music’s own lists.


The move is an interesting one because it brings a degree of social discovery to iTunes that has been missing since the failed experiment that was Ping. It also stitches Twitter #Music directly into iOS 7, Apple’s next mobile OS, because iTunes Radio is built into the iOS 7 Music app.

The pairing of streaming music and social networking means iTunes Radio has the potential to be a great discovery engine. It effectively sets up Apple and Twitter to rival Facebook, which has been working with partners like Spotify to make money from streaming music.

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