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Microsoft recently revealed its upcoming Xbox One games console, but its official launch at the E3 show has been surrounded by controversy. Now it seems the Asia-region launch for the One has been delayed until "late" 2014, according to the Wall Street Journal. That puts it about a year behind the current November 2013 U.S. launch window.

Microsoft is calling it a "staged approach," and says it wants to get things right for the launch. But Asia is a huge growth market for Microsoft, and the Xbox 360 only just became the the top-selling console in the area. A perceived second-class treatment for Microsoft fans in Asia could hurt the company's prospects.

Meanwhile, news has emerged that the Playstation 4, Sony's big-stakes gamble to beat Microsoft in the console market, will not be region locked, which means when it launches in stages across the world, its games won't be DRM-limited to particular regions as they are for current-generation systems. This represents an industry sea change.