Pinterest Demonstrates Some Global Savoir Faire, Launches French Edition

Pinterest has begun a slow push for more global influence by launching a localized French language edition of its social imagery website and apps.

Pinterest has revealed a specialized French edition of its website, and iOS and Android apps are available this week, representing the first big push into multilingual international waters (after its U.K. launch last month).


Users in France will be able to see the site’s infrastructure explained in French, and will get more localized content and links pushed in their search and categories feeds. The site has had multi-language support built into it for some time, but this is the first time it’s made a deliberate effort to target a non-English-speaking market. The site has been expanding in influence and growing rapidly over the last year, and though it doesn’t report its user numbers, a recent estimate pegged them at 40 million. The new move to France could be taken as a sign the site, which recently underwent a redesign, is keen to quickly expand by addressing new markets.

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