UnCollege Focuses On The Opposition

UnCollege Focuses On The Opposition

Peter Thiel–backed UnCollege launches its first program in July, but its name isn’t uncommon; many brands define themselves by opposition. “When you know people are frustrated with the category, it can help to say, ‘We have a different point of view,’ ” says Brian Sheehan, former CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi. Though it’s not always clear what they’re opposing.


  • Muji

    Japanese for “brandless quality good.” Minimalist.

  • Un-Aspirin

    Some kind of drug? (It’s the same as Tylenol, basically.)

  • 7Up

    “The Uncola” was cute, but Coke still rules.

  • UnCollege

    The traditional college path isn’t the only one, it insists.

  • Unbranded Denim

    No marketing, cheaper jeans, and a name that says it all.

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[Denim Image: Africa Studio via Shutterstock]