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US V. UK: Who Will Best Capitalize On This Summer's Celebrity Baby Boon?

Kate Middleton: British, pregnant. Kim Kardashian: American, pregnant. Both are due in July—dual boons to their homeland's gossip industries. In the battle of the belly bulge, which nation is best equipped to capitalize?

Round 1: Printed Prattle!

America's top weekly rag, People, has a greater circulation (3.6 million) than the top five British magazines combined (1.9 million). Even when you factor in Britain's rabid daily tabloid circulation, it's still no contest.
Winner: America

Round 2: Web Whispers!

Britain's Daily Mail website is a world-wide powerhouse, attracting more than 112 million monthly unique visitors. That's more than double the top five American gossip sites combined (at 44 million).
Winner: Britain

Round 3: Televised Tattling!

America's top five gab shows draw 10.2 million combined viewers per night (led by Entertainment Tonight, with 3.6 million). There's only one comparable TV show in the U.K.—and it's ET, syndicated from over here.
Winner: America

Verdict: Kim's baby is bank!

Illustration By Nazario Graziano; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images (Kardashian Source Photo); Indigo/Getty Images (Middleton Source Photo); Istockphoto (Boot, Shoe); Dee Cercone/Everett Collection (Kardashian)

A version of this article appeared in the July/August 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine.