New York City’s Bike-Share Hits 100,000 Rides

Just 10 days after launching, New York’s Citi Bike program has served more than 100,000 customers–equivalent to about one in every 16 people living in Manhattan.

New York City’s Bike-Share Hits 100,000 Rides

The new Citi Bike program in New York seems to have proven hugely popular: In just 10 days, they have been ridden more than 100,000 times.

Those 100,000 riders have cycled a combined distance of over 270,000 miles–enough to go around the world about 11 times, and more than the distance to the Moon.

This clever interactive heat map, created by Alastair Coote, an emerging tech developer for the New York Times, demonstrates how much time the Citi Bikes save in a journey across the city.

Can New York embrace the bicycle, much as many other cities around the world have?

[Image: Flickr user slackgc]

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