Soon You May Unlock Your Devices By Making A Funny Face

Google has filed a patent for a device authentication system that uses moving facial recognition technology to grant or deny you access.

What does “moving facial recognition technology” mean? Essentially, it means fashioning a pass code out of facial expressions rather than a string of letters and numbers. Here’s how Google describes it:

“…the indicated facial gesture includes at least one of a blink gesture, a wink gesture, an ocular movement, a smile gesture, a frown gesture, a tongue protrusion gesture, an open mouth gesture, an eyebrow movement, a forehead wrinkle gesture, and a nose wrinkle gesture.”

Sure, you might look ridiculous, but the point of incorporating movement is to provide for greater security against hackers who could use, say, a simple photograph to get through a facial recognition check. This is not the first time Google has experimented with movement-based facial recognition authentication–last year, it added a “liveness check” option to Android devices that would require you to look into the device’s camera and blink to unlock the Jelly Bean operating system. However, a simple PhotoShop hack posted to Android Police a couple of months later showed just how easy it was to circumvent.CC