Are You A Digital Addict?

Take our authoritative quiz. Then freak out.

Are You A Digital Addict?

The answer, almost certainly, is no. While there’s an enormous amount of hoo-ing, ha-ing, and fretting about the subject online, the scientific/intellectual community is divided about whether it’s even possible to be “addicted” to social media and the like. Still, it never hurts to examine whether the adoption of new technologies has altered your life. Herewith, then, our deeply unscientific probe into your digital subconscious.


Enter a number in the spaces below.

How many days this week have you . . .

Checked Twitter before getting out of bed?
Had five minutes of Internet activity turn into more than 30 minutes?
Gone into the bathroom just to monitor your smartphone activity?
Texted while driving?
Experienced FOMO because you weren’t familiar with a new Internet meme?
Texted while walking across the street?
Shared a photo of your dinner or your cat (or your cat eating dinner)?
Said the phrase, “Pics/video or it didn’t happen”?

How many times today have you . . .

Said, “Just a sec, I have to check my [email/Twitter/Facebook/Path]”?
Checked in to the same Starbucks on Foursquare?
Reached for your cell phone during a meeting, just for comfort?
Panicked because a coworker caught you playing Dots?
Nearly walked into someone or something while checking your phone?
Tweeted from the toilet?


Add it Up!

0–24: You keep doing you.

25–49: Turn your cell phone off for a few hours and see how that feels.


50+: We’re not saying you have a problem, but . . . well, your significant other might be saying you have a problem.

[Illustrations by Max-o-matic]