Second-Screen App Zeebox Partners With Bravo To Connect Fans With TV Show Stars

Social second screen app Zeebox is trying something new. It’s partnered with Bravo, which is sponsoring a special “TV Room” within the app dedicated to connecting fans to their favorite Bravo TV shows, beginning with the 100th episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

The sponsored “room” will actually allow Zeebox users to interact with the Real Housewives stars in real time as the show airs. Bravo’s EVP of digital Lisa Hsia says the goal is to create a “dialogue between fans and Housewives within Zeebox during the special” and also provide “dedicated fans with an added layer of engagement for commemorating this milestone with Bravo.”

The idea of the TV Room is fairly sophisticated, effectively acting as a wrapper for branded content inside the Zeebox app. A room can contain program data that tells fans when shows are being broadcast as well as contextual data like upcoming films that a show’s actors are also appearing in. Zeebox says it is planning to expand the app to include richer media inside rooms, such as live show clips, personalized images, and external link sharing. The room is evidently useful for brands because it drives up a user’s engagement with a particular TV show, possibly building loyalty and increasing exposure of the brand to the Zeebox users.

With the increasing adoption of tablets and smartphones, the battle for TV’s second-screen experience is getting more complex all the time.KE