Mister Rogers Gets Remixed Again

Last year, PBS Digital Studios created a viral sensation when it released a video mashup of Mister Rogers clips, auto-tuned to create a whimsical song full of wisdom from the late Fred McFeely Rogers. The “Garden of Your Mind” video is now approaching 9 million views on YouTube, and PBS Digital Studios received a Webby Award for Best Video Remix/Mashup.

It’s hardly the first time Mister Rogers has gone viral–his past wisdom surfaced after the Newtown, Connecticut, massacre. And his words continue to reverberate in a time when we’re obsessed with the quest for happiness. So it’s no coincidence, really, as lots of what he had to teach kids works today as well as it did 20 years ago.

Now, almost one year to the date since the release of “Garden of Your Mind,” PBS Digital Studios is releasing a second remix called “Sing Together.” The video features clips of Mister Rogers talking to children about the beauty of music. “I guess you know that I really love music,” he says. “It’s so important to find out what we feel good about doing. It’s so important to feel good.”