NASA, Chris Hadfield’s YouTube “Oddity,” And Zero-G Tweets: Social Media Lessons From Space

It’s hard to believe there’s anything that astronauts can’t do.

But for many people in NASA’s orbit, Jason Townsend is the go-to guy for guidance on tweeting, hanging out on Google+, and friending on Facebook.

As Deputy Social Media Manager, he and his team oversee more than 450 social media accounts over nine different platforms. During our Skype interview for this episode of Dialed, Townsend (who was in D.C., not outer space) spoke about how the digital world has helped NASA discover new audiences–to the tune of 4.1 million Twitter followers and over 2 million Facebook fans.

And yes, he’s very familiar with the pipes of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. Townsend says Hadfield’s social space adventures have been “awe-inspiring”–and he shares how NASA’s astronauts are following in Hadfield’s gravity-free footsteps.