TweetDeck Rolls Out Redesign

If you haven’t heard, TweetDeck pushed out a redesign to its web-based and Chrome apps on Wednesday morning, and the reactions are … mixed:

The new design features a slim left sidebar allowing access to important feeds, and offering quick navigation of lists and settings options. A new drag-and-drop functionality has been added to help rearrange columns. Nick Summers at TheNextWeb says the redesign “points to a much cleaner and simpler design ethos moving forward.”

Twitter announced the update in a blog post that went live prematurely, and was then taken down. Before it was removed, Gizmodo’s Mario Aguilar spotted the post, which had “!! NOT READY TO PUBLISH UNTIL LAST SENTENCE IS REVIEWED !!” splashed across the top. The bottom read “DRAFT DO NOT PUBLISH WITHOUT CONFIRMATION FROM CHRISTINA T”.

For now, nobody seems to know who Christina T is, or if she’s mad about the premature post, but we do know how Fast Company‘s Christina Chaey feels about it: