Pandora Brings Streaming Music To TV With Special HTML5 Site

Pandora is making a play for streaming music to your living room by releasing an HTML5 site so that your smart TV can access its music archives.

Pandora‘s new website at is designed specially to be accessible via smart TVs, games consoles, and some set-top boxes. The move is a play to get its streaming music played in your living room, and the company says it’s part of its “mission to completely reinvent radio.”


The company has created the site to be standards compliant and use an interface that can be easily accessed from remote controls and games console controllers when you’re using a device’s built-in browser.

There are simultaneous explosions in streaming music and home entertainment hardware, with everyone from Facebook to Microsoft attempting to get in on different aspects of the game. Apple is widely expected to reveal an iRadio streaming music service soon that will leverage its iTunes ecosystem along with iDevices and possibly its Apple TV set-top box.

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