FreedomPop To Disrupt Cell Phone Industry By Making Calling Free

FreedomPop is already trying to disrupt ISPs in the U.S. by offering free data, but it will soon offer free mobile phone calls.

By August or September, FreedomPop is planning to offer a cell phone plan that gives its customers 200 free calling minutes, unlimited texts, and 500MB of mobile data. Compared to the long-contract, expensive voice and data plans offered by traditional cell phone operators, the plan seems incredible.


FreedomPop will support its network plans with some clever hardware: refurbished Android smartphones, which it plans to sell for under $200 without requiring the customer to sign up for a contract. The company has already moved to disrupt the ISP industry by offering free data plans, and its CEO says voice plans have always been part of FreedomPop’s intention. Separately, a French company called Free has actually succeeded in disrupting the nation’s existing mobile industry by offering free calling and data using a model different from FreedomPop’s.

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