Microsoft Tries To Boost Tablet Sales With Free Office Software

Microsoft says sub-10-inch Windows powered tablets will get free copies of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and other traditional office software. It’s a big play to boost Windows 8 tablet sales.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets have yet to make a big dent in the market, which may explain why the company is turning to one of its classic products to boost the device’s appeal: It is giving a free copy of its Office 2013 productivity software to Windows 8 tablet buyers.


Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are, for better or for worse, among the most well-used software on traditional PCs in offices around the world. By giving the code for free on tablets, Microsoft likely hopes to attract many enterprise customers who would otherwise buy the market-leading iPad, or perhaps opt for an Android-powered rival from Samsung. Microsoft has thus far been reluctant to release a version of Office for the iPad, although it recently said it was working on the software–with a distant launch date in 2014.

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