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Smart Talk: Two CEOs On How To Scale The App Market

In 2013, Apple’s app store hit 50 billion downloads, and total app sales across all platforms may surpass $25 billion. Some all-stars on how they helped build the boom.

Smart Talk: Two CEOs On How To Scale The App Market

How do you improve push notifications?
“Using data science, we’ve been able to figure out the ideal time of day, coupled with the best location, for someone to respond. Maybe you take mass transit every morning and you wait for the train—that’s a phenomenal time to send a notification, because you’re probably consuming on your phone already.”
Scott Kveton, CEO, Urban Airship

Dropbox acquired your app, Mailbox, in March. What’s changed?
“We made a calculated risk assessment: Alone, what are the chances we can scale fast enough to take this market before another company replicates what we’ve done and steals our thunder? Dropbox is a larger organization with more resources. Now we can grow our team faster than we would have been able to do on our own.”
Gentry Underwood, CEO, Mailbox

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