Amazon Takes Viacom’s Kids Shows After Netflix Deal Expires

A deal between Netflix and Viacom expired last month, so Amazon jumped in to scoop up Viacom kids programs like Dora the Explorer, and Comedy Central shows like Key and Peele.

Amazon Takes Viacom’s Kids Shows After Netflix Deal Expires

Amazon greeted users Tuesday morning with a note saying more exclusive shows and movies were now available through Prime Instant Video. “We’ve just completed an agreement with Viacom to include more than 250 TV seasons (more than 3,900 episodes) from Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central,” the note said.

The move takes aim at Netflix, one of Amazon’s biggest competitors. Until recently, Netflix had the rights to those Viacom shows, and last week, Amazon announced it is launching five new original series to compete with Netflix’s original programming, including the popular House of Cards series.

According to the Huffington Post, the Viacom deal is “the largest amount of money Amazon has spent on a deal for Prime content.”

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