Intel Takes Us Back To The Future With 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet Combos

Intel revealed its concept for a post-PC-era PC at the Computex show. It’s a hybrid PC similar to the kind of tablet PC sold before the iPad hit the markets.

What’s the future of the PC? According to Intel, it’s not the tablet, it’s a laptop that can double as a touchscreen tablet–a concept the company is calling 2-in-1.


Speaking at the Computex show yesterday, Intel’s EVP Tom Kilroy argued that content creation just “doesn’t happen on the phone” and suggested that hauling around a laptop, tablet, and phone is too much. Instead Kilroy said a hybrid device, something akin to Lenovo’s Yoga machine, which has a rotating screen, offers more functionality without compromising portability. While tablets are threatening the PC industry, Kilroy insisted it was more innovative than ever. He also claimed that 80% of all laptop owners said they’d replace their device with yet another laptop, despite probably owning a tablet.

Intel yesterday was said to be supplying chips for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab 3 devices. The company has been aggressively pushing its “ultrabook” laptop design, which is more or less a clone of Apple’s MacBook Air. Its 2-in-1 laptop is curiously reminiscent of the “tablet” design that Microsoft founder Bill Gates was promoting in the early 2000s.

Recent analysis says tablet sales are beating PC sales in 2013.

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