Alexa von Tobel: How do you foster trust with your customer base?

Alexa von Tobel has built the LearnVest brand on customer trust. Watch for a class in cultivation.

FAST COMPANY: How do you foster trust with your customer base?

ALEXA VON TOBEL: So how we foster trust with our customers, that’s actually the entire purpose of our brand, exactly what LearnVest stands for, is creating a trusted place for finical advice. That’s what LearnVest aims to do. How we foster trust with our customers is to never do anything that’s not in the best interest of our customer; to listen to our customers; to go massively out of our way to improve our customers lives. We have people all day long writing in that are in dire financial situations and we give them free services. We’re really here to help empower our customers so they can have the best financial lives and that comes down to our ethics, our mission, how the team runs, how we operate, and our business practices. That’s the heart and soul of what we’re doing here at LearnVest.


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