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FAST COMPANY: How do you know when it's time to leave?

ANN HAND: I look at my 20s and it was all about track record. How do I just prove that I'm worthy, that I can put my head down and work hard, and I think my 30s was when I started to pepper in bringing my whole self to work, what do I stand for, how do I differentiate myself? So I kind of was approaching 40 frankly and I thought, OK, 20 years, it's that right moment on the CV where you've kind of figured out that secret sauce of what makes you unique and you've got all the track record to apply it, so frankly now it's kind of like now or never, 10 more years and I might be stale. I'm sure you wouldn't be stale at 50, I wouldn't either, but I just felt like I just had the right ingredients to go.