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FAST COMPANY: How do you collaborate from different locations?

PETER ROJAS: I think one of the keys of collaborating remotely is that you have to have responsiveness. And I think that not necessarily have an always on, 24 hours a day you're on IM or email or whatever, but that when you are working that you do your best to try to be available or responsive to people that you're working with. I also believe that you shouldn't micromanage so I personally don't micromanage my team and I believe in hiring people that can do their job and do it really well and give them the latitude to be able to be able to do the job the way that they want to be able to do it. I think working remotely gives people and advantage there, gives people a sense of independence, a sense of ownership, in a way. They don't have someone watching over them from 9 to 6 or whatever, directing them, they actually have to take the reins themselves, and the result in my experience tends to be a much better product for the people that are really great.