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FAST COMPANY: How do you change the direction of your business?

Scott Case, CEO, Startup America: So when you're a young company especially, and you reach a point where you have to change your strategy or your strategic direction, it's really critical to understand why you're doing it. You can't just decide that you're going in a different direction. A lot of startups they find shiny objects and they look all around and say "let's got this way, let's go this way" — you have to be thoughtful about it. The best way go make those decisions is to make sure the network of people around you who can help you make those decisions and help you make them rationally. But you also have to be ready to change, because you may have a great idea, but you may have to pivot it, and I know that's an over-used word, but you should study it — and one of the best ways to do it is to look at Eric Rees's book, he describes all the different types of pivots and when you should make a strategic direction change. It's a great asset for you.