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Heather Mason is the president and owner of A Caspian Production, Inc., a strategic conference creation and execution firm located. Founded in 2005, Caspian specializes in producing conferences in the social entrepreneurship and innovative business space. Clients include the Skoll World Forum, Omidyar Network, Playworks, Not for Sale, San Diego Zoo, Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment, and

Heather Mason, President of A Caspian Production, Inc. is living her dream. When she graduated from Utah State University in 1996, her goal was to own her own company and be her own boss, and for the past five years she has done just that.

Her nine member staff, including three graduates from USU, live in various states but work together to produce strategically planned and professionally executed conferences. Heather travels across the country and across the ocean to meet with her clients and determine a holistic conference strategy.