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"So how you do stimulate innovation? It's such a challenging blend of creativity, and change, and problem solving. It's really an art and a science. There are three rules I try to remember when I try to stimulate creative innovation. The first is to bring together people of really different disciplines and mindsets. If you can get those different folks to find a common language and to unlock together, that to me is where innovation really starts to get unlocked. The second is to prototype early and often. Get even the seeds of ideas in front of users in front of folks and see if that spark starts to happen. Bring that back. It will add confidence to your brainstorms and to your ideation. And finally the third is to really check your ego and to listen really well. You want the best idea possible and you should let go of any biases you think those ideas will come from. Just seek the best possible answer." — Chloe Sladden