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"Hi, awesome to share and be in the vehicle here with you. Conventional wisdom that is incorrect: I believer that people think that they need to go to business school in order to get business school knowledge. You can learn all the things in business school and get the network. Business school is great for two things: the knowledge and the network, right? You can get both of those things before you even go. I think that you should get your ROI for spending the 50K less, or more, per year by trying to get the knowledge and the network before you go to business school. And sometimes if you go to business school, it's okay to quite if you get a better opportunity. And you can get a lot of these things before you go. Did you know that most schools have an agenda that is publicized? And also, you can go buy those books. If you've read a lot of those books, they're almost self-taught, self-motivational, self-teachings where you can talk to some of these people who wrote these via social media and say, "Hey, look, I had a question about this." Conventional wisdom says you got to go to business school, and there's this catch-22. I argue that you should beat this catch-22 by trying to get the knowledge and the network before you even go to business school." — Larry Chiang