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"So, the way that I choose a project — for me, my theory, is I choose it like I choose a business. The way I choose a project is the same way that I would choose to be involved in a business. I start with the story first. If it's a really good story and not jus the story itself but the type of emotion it elicits, it is a big deal. And then I also think about the marketability of this idea. Because sometime you can have a good story, but it's not a story that anyone wants to see or is interested in. And then lastly, I go by the people that are involved in the project. Because the directors and the actors and the writers because a poorly executed story is actually useless. So those are usually the three factors that matter to me. And the fourth factor would be opportunity costs. You know, what projects would be prevented from me by being in this project? So, that's pretty much it. — Romany Malco