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"So the time to realize that you need to transition out of your job is when you know that you've grown out of the role that you were doing before. As we were growing we started out with just me, myself and I. And we've grown from now one to fifty some-odd person company. And along each maybe five or ten employees we added, I noticed my job was changing as I was trying to fill a hole in the business no one else was doing. So right now, as we grow from fifty to almost a hundred people, my job is really all about recruiting and I recognize that need. And in order to stay ahead of that curve, you constantly have to push out your job responsibilities to other people and let them do what they do well and trust them to do well. Delegation is what they call it but it's really more about creating processes and trying to get people to understand how you did it and allowing them to see how they would do it better. Because if you're hiring the right people, they should be doing that job better than you." — Ben Huh