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Brian Glinsman's photographic memory served him well throughout his early school years, and continues to provide him a distinct advantage in his role as general manager of Texas Instruments (TI) High Performance and Multicore Processing business. With his unique memory skills, Brian can recall facts and details about products and performance from years past, to help best determine future directions for TI. Technology innovation is his passion and what makes him tick at work and at home. That's one of the reasons WIRED Magazine once called Brian, GeekDad for GeekDads to look up to.

Brian joined TI in 1999 as part of the company's acquisition of Telogy Networks, a Voice over IP (VoIP) embedded software company based in Germantown, Maryland. He cites his appreciation of Telogy's talents and start-up atmosphere as a key reason why the majority of employees at Telogy during the acquisition are still with TI today. In fact, Telogy's Germantown site has almost tripled in size since the company's acquisition less than ten years ago.

An avid reader of science fiction novels, Brian names Isaac Asimov as his favorite novelist. Like Asimov, Brian is a forward thinking visionary, always seeking to identify future trends and technologies; however, unlike Asimov's focus on rules to govern relationships between humans and robots, Brian focuses instead on the role digital signal processing plays in communications. As the leading communications infrastructure solution provider, Brian believes that TI is on track to realize its vision of delivering capacity, quality and flexibility to IP networks, allowing customers to benefit from connectivity anywhere, anytime on any device.

The one technology Brian couldn't live without is his broadband connection. With broadband, he can keep connected, memorize new facts and figures and play the strategy-based computer games that help him relax. Complex games where players strategize, build and shape their worlds align well with Brian's role as a visionary strategist, driven to determine what tomorrow's communications tools and technologies will look like and how TI can deliver them today.

Brian has more than 23 years of experience in satellite and communications technology industries and holds three patents, with several others pending.