David Bernknopf: How do you deliver difficult news to your staff, customers, or the public?

David Bernknopf one of the partners in the video production firm of SplendidVid, David was also a founding principal of Devonwood Media. He specializes in video production, media strategy, media relations, and crisis communication. His clients range from major law firms to large corporations including Chevron, ChoicePoint, Compucredit, and Church’s Fried Chicken Restaurants, to political candidates, authors and athletes.

David’s work focuses on understanding the changing nature of communications and devising creative and successful strategies which take advantage of both old and new media. He also has taught journalism, communications and public relations at a variety of Universities including the University of Colorado, American University, Northwestern University, and the Communication University of China in Beijing.

David has recently produced both long and short form videos for multiple platforms for Chevron, Georgia Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities, and Church’s Chicken.

An original employee of CNN, David worked at the network for more than 21 years, from 1980 to 2001. During those years, he won three Emmys, a National Headliner Award, and the Edward R. Murrow award.

He served in virtually every key role at CNN, from writer to documentary and political news producer before eventually serving as CNN’s first Vice President, Director of News Planning.FCS