• 05.31.13

Peer Inside NPR’s New D.C. Digs

NPR’s new headquarters is a 330,000-square-foot LEED-certified private/public space designed as both a studio and a tourist attraction. Why can we already imagine Bill O’Reilly making a big deal about this?

NPR is opening their new headquarters in June, and gave an advance tour to Interior Design. The new space in Washington, D.C., located several blocks from the Capitol near Union Station, includes mixed office/studio and public spaces.


According to Interior Design‘s Laura Fisher Kaiser, NPR’s new headquarters combines a four-story converted telephone company warehouse with a seven-story office block. Built by Hickok Cole, the space includes an open newsroom with enclosed side spaces for interviews, studio space, and open areas for tourists. The public radio organization, which has been one of the leaders in digital growth, is offering daily tours to the public.

[All images courtesy NPR, by Stephen Voss]