The Recommender: Assistant Editor Jillian Goodman, Spelling Bee Champ

The three best things Fast Company‘s assistant editor found on the Internet this week

The Recommender: Assistant Editor Jillian Goodman, Spelling Bee Champ
Jillian gets her selfie on.

Name: Jillian Goodman
Role at Fast Company: Assistant editor on the print side
Twitter: @goodjillian
Titillating fact: Jillian was the 2001 Douglas County Spelling Bee champion. The word she won on was “anecdote.”


Things she’s loving:

1. Songza

I deserve to be heckled for recommending this as though you don’t already know it and love it, but I love Songza so much that I am willing to risk that. What I love about it is that its “music recommendation engine” is actually real live people, so it’s able to make connections between songs and artists that a human being with taste would make but an algorithm maybe couldn’t manage. Many is the afternoon that I have pumped up with Rap’s New Weirdos and then mellowed out with High Stylin’ Cocktail Hour.

2. Will Smith and His Fresh Prince
Of all the things that happened on the Internet this week, Claire Hoffman’s interview with Will and Jaden Smith for New York magazine was the best. It really speaks for itself, but I will say that I aspire to one day tell an interview subject, “I’ve read that you believe life can be understood through patterns.”

3. Crackly banana bread
All the Bluth-related banana talk last week had me craving banana bread, and I wound up using this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, a site that (along with Food52) is one of my go-to resources when I want to make something tasty. The end product is both crazy delicious and crazy healthy, which is good, because I have been eating a crazy amount of it. Next on my baking to-do list: rhubarb pie.

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