Fanhattan Unveils New Set-Top Box: Fan TV

Yves Behar has been a busy boy of late. Along with this week’s unveiling of a magic smartphone-controlled door lock, he is the designer behind the newly unveiled Fan TV, a small set-top box that was launched at the D11 conference yesterday.

Fan TV is a product of the Fanhattan startup, which released an app in 2011 that served as a place for finding streaming video. But, as The Verge points out, the app seems to have been a cover for a different project: Fanhattan’s own media-streaming device, the Fan TV.

Rather like the ’80s version of Prince, this tiny set-top box is multi-talented. It streams, allows live and on-demand TV, and has a cloud DVR and a remote that functions by simple taps and swipes. The tech inside the box, says Fanhattan CEO Gilles BianRosa, is similar to something you’d find inside a tablet.

You can see a video of Fan TV courtesy of the dudes at AllThingsD right here. As yet, there’s no deal with any of the cable firms, but Fanhattan is working on putting deals together with pay-TV firms. Once that’s done, you can expect to buy the unit either from Fanhattan directly, or via the cable firms.AD