Aram Bartholl’s “Speed Book” Collapses The Digital World Into Physical Space

Aram Bartholl’s public art installations are a mash-up of the real and digital worlds. “Space and cyberspace mingle and mangle one another” in his work, as sci-fi author Bruce Sterling says in the introduction to this retrospective of Bartholl’s entertaining techno-art. You’ve likely seen his art via a Tumblr meme or buzzfed pass-around link–the USB thumb drives embedded in a wall, the ginormous red Google Map location marker placed in a plaza. The images collected here are a reminder that the distinction between real and digital is becoming more blurry with every privacy slip-up and SoLoMo (Social-Local-Mobile) startup. The book is out now.

Publisher: Gestalten
Title: Aram Bartholl
Subtitle: The Speed Book
By: Aram Bartholl
Edited by: Domenico Quaranta
Features: 268 pages, full cover, hardcover
Catalog Prices: €39.90 | $60.00 | £37.50

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[ Images: Aram Bartholl from Aram Bartholl: The Speed Book, Copyright Gestalten 2012 ]