News Corps Gets New Logo, Delists From London Stock Exchange

News Corp., the multi-billion-dollar international news organization, has a new logo that’s pretty relaxed and human. It’s based on the handwriting of both CEO Rupert Murdoch and his father Keith, who founded the company. Today the company has also confirmed it is going to delist from the London Stock Exchange.

News Corp.’s previous logo was very business-like, written in stern font over a stylized representation of the world. The new logo may be an attempt to lend a more cheerful air to the publishing group because it’s simpler and more accessible.

Delisting from the LSE will happen on June 28, and the company has said it’s because of very low trading levels–only 1% of its global stock was traded through the exchange. Though the delisting doesn’t affect the company’s operations directly, it may be considered a reflection of how damaged its reputation has become in the U.K.

News Corp. is poised to split into News Corp. and the separate 21st Century Fox entertainment division. The group has been embroiled in a worldwide scandal that began with its phone-hacking activities.KE