Twitter’s Dick Costolo Talks Security, Creativity, But Steers Clear Of IPO Chatter

In the hot seat with Kara Swisher at D11, the Twitter CEO talked about the genius of Jack Dorsey, and how Twitter hasen’t moved fast enough on user account security, which saw stocks plummet after one high-profile hack.

Dick Costolo is a charismatic guy. The Twitter CEO was at the AllThingsD D11 conference yesterday where he sat down with the news site’s Kara Swisher for a bit of a chinwag, and everything was up for grabs.


The audience wanted to know Costolo’s views on a recent onslaught of Twitter hacks, including the hacking of AP’s news feed, which caused the Dow Jones to swoon for a moment, before the smelling salts of revival kicked in. “We take that super seriously,” Costolo said, adding that Twitter’s newly implemented two-factor authentification system will help. “We’re investing quite a bit of money in security.”

The CEO also talked about his mayorally ambitious, Square-pushing, Mom-loving chairman Jack Dorsey. “He’s got an almost remarkable product sensibility–in a way I’ve almost seen no one else do before,” Costolo said of Dorsey.

And what will Twitter’s role be in the ongoing soap opera cliffhanger that is wearable tech? Costolo said wearable computing can only enhance information distribution without making people take out their phones. When asked what body part people will be tweeting from the most, Costolo said, “probably not their toe.”

Finally, Swisher pinned Costolo down on the microblogging site’s much-rumored IPO. When was it happening, she asked him? Costolo answered her with a great sporting metaphor that translated into something like this: He is trying to run the business, he’s not thinking about the IPO. “Cry me a river,” Swisher responded before pushing him on what the firm’s next step was. Costolo pushed her away. “So you’re not talking to bankers, right now? That’s what I’ve heard,” she riposted, suggesting that Google might be considering a Twittquisition.

“It’s not what I spend my time thinking about,” he replied. Cough.

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